May 18IHSA 2A SectionalWood River,ILFinal
May 17IHSA 3A Sectional EdwardsvilleEdwardsville,ILFinal
May 13IESA Class 4 SectionalEdwardsville,ILFinal
May 11IHSA 2A Sectional MascoutahMascoutah,ILFinal
May 11IHSA 2A SectionalBethalto,ILFinal
May 10MVC Boys ConferenceBethalto,ILFinal
May 9Cahokia ConferenceWood River,ILFinal
May 5Collinsville InvitationalCollinsville,ILFinal
May 4MVC Girls ChampionshipBethalto,ILFinal
May 3SWC GirlsEdwardsville,ILFinal
May 3Triad Fr/So InvitationalTroy,ILFinal
May 2Madison County MSEdwardsville,ILFinal
May 2SIJHSAA Class L RegionalMascoutah,ILFinal
Apr 27Triad Knight InvitationalTroy,ILFinal
Apr 26St.Clair County GirlsE.Saint Louis,ILFinal
Apr 25BiCounty ChampionshipWaterloo,ILFinal
Apr 24Madison County Small SchoolBethalto,ILFinal
Apr 22Winston Brown InvitationalEdwardsville,ILFinal
Apr 21Edwardsville Girls InvitationalEdwardsville,ILFinal
Apr 18Carol Schneider InvitationalMascoutah,ILFinal
Apr 15Pana InvitationalPana,ILFinal
Apr 11Highland Fr/So InvitationalHighland,ILFinal
Apr 7Edwardsville Tiger RelaysEdwardsville,ILFinal
Apr 8EAWR Invitational Wood River,ILFinal
Apr 7Triad Lady Knight InvitationalTroy,ILFinal
Apr 4 Edwardsville Fr/SO Edwardsville,ILFinal
Apr 1JJK Al/Joyner InvitationalESTL,ILCanceled
Apr 1 Mascoutah RelaysMascoutah,ILCanceled
Apr 1Greenville InvitationalGreenville,ILCanceled
Mar SWIL RelaysEdwardsville,ILFinal
Mar 11Jersey Winter ThawElsah,ILFinal
Mar 10Tiger IndoorElsah,ILFinal
Feb 24Knight IndoorElsah,ILFinal
Feb 18Alex Wilson InvitationalNotre Dame,INFinal
Feb 17Lady Knight IndoorElsah,ILFinal
Feb 3Meyo Invitational Day 1 Notre Dame,INFinal
Feb 3/4 Meyo InvitationalNotre Dame,INFinal
Jan 20Notre Dame InvitationalSouth Bend,INFinal

Dec 2Notre Dame Blue and Gold InvitationalSouth Bend,INFinal
Nov 26Great River Road Run 10MAlton,ILFinal
Nov 26Great River Road Run 5KAlton,ILFinal
Oct 29IHSA Sectional GlenwoodChatham,ILFinal
Oct 29IHSA Sectional BentonBenton,ILFinal
Oct 27NJCCA Region 24 Charleston,ILFinal
Oct 22IHSA Regional SterlingSterling,ILFinal
Oct 22IHSA Regional PetersburgPetersburg,ILFinal
Oct 22IHSA Regional QuincyQuincy,ILFinal
Oct 22IHSA Regional HighlandAlhambra,ILFinal
Oct 17Belleville East JV FinaleSwansea,ILFinal
Oct 15LSA ChampionshipBloomington,ILFinal
Oct 13MVC ChampionshipElsah,ILFinal
Oct 12Southwestern ConferenceO'Fallon,ILFinal
Oct 7Benton XC InvitationalBenton,ILFinal
Oct 7IESA Sectional CarrolltonCarrollton,ILFinal
Oct 6SIJHSAA Region 6Mascoutah,ILFinal
Oct 4St. Clair XC ChampionshipO'Fallon,ILFinal
Oct 4Madison County XC ChampionshipCollinsville,ILFinal
Oct 1NCJC Cross Country MeetBelvidere,ILFinal
Oct 1Triad XC InvitationalTroy,ILFinal
Sept 17Edwardsville InvitationalEdwardsville,ILFinal
Sep 17Highland XC InvitationalHighland,ILFinal
Sept 16National Catholic InvitationalNotre Dame ,INFinal
Sep 14Collinsville XC InvitationalCollinsville,ILFinal
Sept 12Triad MS JamboreeTroy,ILFinal
Sep 10Belleville West XC InvitationalBelleville,ILFinal
Sept 9UIS Praire Star InvitationalSppringfield,ILFinal
Sep 2EIU Walt Crawford OpenCharleston,ILFinal
July 23Mud Mountain Age GroupEdwardsville,ILFinal
Jul 23Mud Mountain Teamedwardsville,ILFinal
July 23Mud Mountain IndividualEdwardsville,ILFinal
Jun 25EIU Running Camp 5KCharleston,ILFinal
May 20Race at State GirlsCharleston,ILFinal
May 19IHSA 2A Boys TriadTroy,ILFinal
May 18IHSA 2A Mascoutah SectionalMascoutah,ILFinal
May 12IHSA 2A Girls TriadTroy,ILFinal
May 11SIRR Conference Herrin,ILFinal
May 11MVC Boys ConferenceWaterloo,ILFinal
May 11Southwestern Conference Boys Edwardsville,ILFinal
May 10Cahokia Boys ConferenceWesclin,ILFinal
May 7Collinsville InvitationalCollinsville,ILFinal
May 5MVC Girls ConferenceWaterloo,ILFinal
May 4SWC Girls ConferenceESTL,ILFinal
May 4Cahokia Girls ConferenceEast Alton,ILFinal
May 4SIJHSAA Class L RegionalMascoutah,ILFinal
May 3Triad Fr/So InvitationalTroy,ILFinal
May 3Scc ConferenceStaunton,ILFinal
May 2Madison County MSEdwardsville,ILFinal
Apr 29Collinsville Girls InvitationalCollinsville,ILFinal
Apr 29Triad Knight InvitationalTroy,ILFinal
Apr 27St. Clair County GirlsESTL,ILFinal
Apr 25Madison County Track ChampionshipEdwardsville,ILFinal
Apr 25Madison County Small School InvitationalWood River,ILfinal
Apr 23Winston Brown InvitationalEdwardsville,ILFinal
Apr 21Carol Schneider InvitationalMascoutah,ILFinal
Apr 19Don Webb InvitationalBenton,ILFinal
Apr 18Roxana RelaysRoxana,ILFinal
Apr 16Pana InvitationalPana,ILFinal
Apr 15Granite City InvitationalGranite City,ILFinal
Apr 15Military ClassicMascoutah,ILFinal
Apr 14Lady Redbird InvitationalW Frankfort,ILFinal
Apr 12Highland Fr/So InvitationalHighland,ILFinal
Apr 9Mascoutah RelaysMascoutah,ILFinal
Apr 9EAWR InvitationalWood River,ILFinal
Apr 5Edwardsville Fr/So InvitationalEdwardsville,ILFinal
Apr 2Greenville InvitationalGreenville,ILFinal
Apr 2JJK/Al Joyner InvitationalEast St.Louis,ILFinal
Mar 25Triad Distance CarnivalTroy, ILFinal
Mar 25SWIL RelaysEdwardsville, ILFinal
Mar 12 Jersey Winter ThawElsah, ILFinal
Mar 11Tiger IndoorElsah, ILFinal
Feb 28 Marion Girls InvitationalMarion, ILFinal
Feb 26Roger Minton InvitationalMarion, ILFinal
Feb 25 Knight IndoorElsah, ILFinal
Feb 19Alex Wilson InvitationalNotre Dame, INFinal
Feb 5Meyo Invitational Day 2Notre Dame, INDay2 Final
Feb 4Meyo Invitational Day 1Notre Dame,INDay1 Final
Jan 22Notre Dame InvitationalNotre Dame, INFinal

Dec 3Notre Dame Blue and Gold InvitationalNotre Dame,INFinal
Nov 27Alton great River Road Run 10MAlton, ILFinal
Nov 27Alton Great River Road Run 5KAlton,ILFinal
Oct 29MVC XC ChampionshipNormal, ILFinal
Oct 28Region 24 JUCO ChampionshipsCharleston,ILFinal
Oct 18Belleville East JVSwansea, ILFinal
Oct 23IHSA Highland XC RegionalAlhambra,ILFinal
Oct 23IHSA Benton XC RegionalBenton, ILFinal
Oct 18Benton XC InvitationalBenton,ILFinal
Oct 16LSA ChampionshipBloomington, ILFinal
Oct 14Mississippi Valley XCElsah,ILFinal
Oct 14Southwestern Conference XCBelleville, ILFinal
Oct 7Triad JamboreeTroy,ILFinal
Oct 5St. Clair County XCESTL, ILFinal
Oct 5Madison County XCBethalto,ILFinal
Sept 29Triad XC InvitationalTroy, ILFinal
Sept 18Edwardsville MS XC InvitationalEdwardsville,ILFinal
Sept 18Highland XC InvitationalAlhambra, ILFinal
Sept 18Edwardsville XC InvitationalEdwardsville,ILFinal
Sept 17ISU Redbird InvitationalNormal, ILFinal
Sept 17National Catholic InvitationalNotre Dame,INFinal
Sept 15Collinsville XC InvitationalCollinsville, ILFinal
Sept 11Belleville West XC InvitationalBeleville, ILFinal
Sept 10UIS Prairie Star InvitationalSpringfield, ILFinal
Sept 4Rocket InvitationalRochester, ILFinal
Sept 4Rochester MSRochester, ILFinal
Sept 4Granite City InvitatioNALGranite City, ILFinal
Sep 3Coolidge MSGranite City, ILFinal
Sept 3EIU Walt CrawfordCharleston, ILFinal
July 242021 Mud Mountain Age GroupEdwardsville, ILFinal
July 25Mud Mountain TeamEdwardsville, ILFinal
July 242021 Mud Mountain IndividualEdwardsville, ILFinal
Jun 9IHSA 2A SectionalMascoutah, ILFinal
June 4IHSA 2A EAWR SectionalWood River, ILFinal
Jun 3SIRR OhioHarrisburg, ILFinal
June 2SWC BoysESTL, ILFinal
Jun 2MVC BoysTroy, ILFinal
May 28Collinsville BoysCollinsville, ILFinal
May 27MVC GirlsTroy, ILFinal
May 26SWC GirlsCollinsville, ILFinal
May 25Springfield HighSpringfield, ILFinal
May 25Triad Fr/SoTroy, ILFinal
May 24Chuck Oyler InvitationalBenton, ILFinal
May 21Military ClassicMascoutah, ILFinala>
May 19St. Clair GirlsEast St. Louis, ILFinal
May 19St. Clair BoysBelleville, ILFinal
May 19Carol Schneider InvitationalMascoutah, ILFinal
May 18Madison County Large SchoolCollinsville, ILFinal
May 17Madison County Small SchoolWood River, ILFinal
May 14ESTL InvitationalEast St. Louis, ILFinal
May 14Collinsville Girls InvitationalCollinsville, ILFinal
May 14Triad InvitationalTroy, ILFinal
May 11Highland FrSo InvitationalHighland, ILFinal
May 10Alton Middle SchoolAlton, ILFinal
May 7Winston Brown InvitationalEdwardsville, ILFinal
May 5Lady Knight InvitationalTroy, ILFinal
May 3Madison County MSEdwardsville, ILFinal
May 1Bob Harris OpenNotre Dame, INFinal
May 1Belleville West InvtationalBelleville, ILFinal
April 30Illinois State InvitationalNormal, ILFinal
Apr 16Triad Distance CarnivalTroy, ILFinal
April 9Big Blue ClassicCharleston, ILFinal
Apr 2Redbird InvitationalNormal, ILFinal
Feb 20Illinois College InvitationalJacksonville, ILFinal
Feb 13Illinois College InvitationalJacksonville, ILFinal
Jan 27Notre Dame invitational Notre Dame, INFinal

Sep 19Irish ClassicNotre Dame, INFinal
Sep 19Highland InvitationalHighland, ILFinal
Sep 12Belleville West InvitationalBelleville, ILFinal
Sep 5Granite City InvitationalGranite City, ILFinal
Aug 29Bulldog OpenerAlhambra, ILFinal
Feb 22Alex Wilson InvitationalNotre Dame, INFinal
Feb 22Knight InvitationalElsah, ILFinal
Feb 21Hilltop InvitationalJacksonville, ILFinal/a>
Feb 7/8Meyo Invitational Day 2Notre Dame,INFinal
Feb 8Jim Green InvitationalJacksonville, ILFinal
Feb 7/8Meyo Invitational Day 1Notre Dame,INFinal
Jan 25Notre Dame InvitationalNotre Dame, INFinal
Jan 25Snow Bird OpenJacksonville,ILFinal
Jan 17Coughlan-Malloy CupNormal,ILFinal

Dec 6Notre Dame Blue and GoldNotre Dame, INFinal
Nov 30Alton 10M/2MAlton,ILFinal
Nov 2IHSA Benton SectionalBenton,ILFinal
Oct 26IHSA Quincy RegionalQuincy,ILFinal
Oct 26IHSA Highland RegionalAlhambra,ILFinal
Oct 26IHSA W Frankfort RegionalW Frankfort,ILFinal
Oct 19NJCCA Region 24 ChampionshipsCharleston,ILFinal
Oct 21Benton InvitationalBenton,ILLive
Oct 19LSA XC ChampionshipsBloomington,ILFinal
Oct 17MVC XC ChampionshipsElsah,ILFinal
Oct 1Illinois College InvitationalJacksonville,ILFinal
Oct 10Triad JamboreeTroy,ILFinal
Oct 8St. Clair County XCESTL,ILFinal
Oct 8Madison County ChampionshipWood River,ILFinal
Oct 7Belleville Feeder MSSwansea,ILFinal
Oct 4Joe Piane InvitationalNotre Dame,INFinal
Oct 2Triad XC InvitationalTroy,IL