Track and Field

Our timing systems for the sport of Track and Field are provided by Lynx System Developers. Considered as World Leaders in the sport, their technology and systems have been used at every major Track and Field Championships since 1994.

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Our timing chip parter is Ipico Sports.
Here's how it Works:

IPICO Sports timing solutions utilize IPICO's patented Dual Frequency technology (IP-X RFID Air-interface Protocol). This technology was developed to overcome the limitations faced by Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID technologies. Dual Frequency technology utilizes magnetic induction for both energizing and for communications (similar to LF and HF). Low frequency signal is used for energizing the tags (Advantage:less restrictive regulations compared to HF band allows longer energizing range) High frequency signal is used for communication from tag to reader (Advantage: significantly higher data rates support robust anti-collision, i.e., many tags can be read in a short period of time). The technology's real advantage lies in its ability to work even in harsh and challenging environmental conditions. The patented Dual Frequency technology virtually eliminates signal loss and tag read collision and works especially well for objects high in liquid, carbon and electronic content, such as the human body.